Frequently asked questions

“..speaking to boards, committees, organizations, high schools and college classes about various marketing topics, by far, the most popular question I get is “What is the best type of marketing? "

Well, that’s kind of like asking a mechanic “What’s the best type of car repair?” The logical response will always be to ask for more information. In determining marketing objectives (just like fixing a car) the questions that are asked quickly become much more specific.

They are very happy people who make lots and lots of money and appreciate respect for their confidentiality.

Yes! Call (208) 530 • 8846 or email me and we'll discuss your specific project and I'll email you links with samples.

Yes! But only private contractors.

All areas listed above! I reward for quality, creativity, hard work and I pay fast.

Email or call and leave a message. FYI - I won't answer if I don't recognize your number, but I will listen to your message the same day.

Treat people fairly and with respect, work really hard and get results.